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Why is sport wear important

About China sport wear:

Why is sport wear important?


For any yoga enthusiast, especially beginners have a set of professional and comfortable sport wear, which not only has the function of quick perspiration, but more importantly, is able to perform yoga movements in place. If some large-scale actions cannot be achieved without proper sport wear, the final effect will not be particularly ideal, so the importance of sport wear will be highlighted. How to choose sport wear?


Why is sport wear important

1. Sport wear pays attention to comfort and nature


When choosing sport wear, we pay special attention to comfort and naturalness, because yoga is a big movement that unfolds whole-heartedly, not just some angular movements, so if we usually wear some cotton and linen clothing, In this case, there may be considerations from the perspective of ventilation or comfort. On the contrary, because these fabrics have no elasticity, there is a feeling of binding hands and feet when experiencing yoga movements. In addition, we may feel inverted during the movement, so if the postures on the head and feet are too loose Otherwise, there may be a dilemma of decline.


2.Sport wear chooses to pay attention to fabrics


This material itself is not a pure natural material, but they have an advantage. The perspiration performance after sweating is relatively strong, and the material of sport wear may have a better effect than cotton and linen, and it will not be wet due to clothes and pants. Paste it on your own body.


Why is sport wear important? How to make effective selections when choosing sport wear, through the above introduction, I believe many people should also understand. When we choose these sport wear, we can pay attention to it for the first time.

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