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Why do we have to wear sports underwear

Why do we have to wear sports underwear when exercising?

For women, the underwear worn in daily life and exercise is different. Sports underwear is a kind of underwear clothing that can be worn in public, and it can show the wearer’s spirited and energetic look. Next, let’s take a look at why we must wear sports underwear when exercising.

Why do we have to wear sports underwear when exercising

Is sports underwear important?

For women, sports underwear is very important. Breasts are mainly composed of fat, mammary glands and connective tissues. There are no muscles, only ligaments and skin to support them. Therefore, there will be a painful feeling of pulling during exercise, and sports underwear will play a good protective role. When exercising, fixed and tight sports underwear can relieve pain, and can also transfer and disperse the pressure on the chest and shoulders to the back and underarms to improve our sports comfort.

However, it is best to only wear it during exercise and not wear it on other non-sports occasions. On the one hand, sports underwear needs to be changed and washed frequently, so as not to damage the quality of sweat for too long, try to wash it when not exercising; on the other hand, the design of sports underwear emphasizes sports function, and there is no design in breast shape. Does not show the curvaceous beauty of female breasts.

The choice of sports underwear is different for different exercise intensity, different exercise intensity, chest vibration required, and support degree are different. Low-intensity exercise, for example, yoga. The whole chest does not shake much, and the support requirement of the sports bra is small. Then, you can choose a variety of good-looking lace-up sports bras with beautiful backs and attractive backs. The exercise intensity is high, so it is recommended to choose a vest type with good support. For example, running, girls have experience, when running, the chest shakes. Especially with big breasts, the range is too large, and there is a painful feeling of pulling.

In addition, during exercise, we will shed a lot of sweat. Ordinary underwear is far less breathable and comfortable than sports underwear. Cotton underwear is not easy to discharge after absorbing sweat, and it will become very stuffy, which provides for the growth of bacteria. In the soil, various inflammations and skin diseases appear, and friction is increased, and the skin is easily rubbed. Sports underwear is not only breathable, sweat-wicking and quick-drying, but also supports and stabilizes our body in all aspects.

So everyone must wear sports underwear next time!

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