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What is the difference between normal bras and sports bras

Is sports bra important?

Sports bras play an important role in life. In daily life, we often wear more than one piece of clothing, including daily wear, sports wear, and sleep. As everyone knows, not all clothes are suitable for wearing more than one dress, especially women’s bras. Often, mixing ordinary bras and sports bras will bring some health risks. So what is the difference between a normal bra and a sports bra? Let’s take a look together.

Is sports bra important

1. Different applicable occasions

Sports bras are only worn during exercise, not on other non-sports occasions. The ordinary bra is suitable for daily wear, not for sports.

2. Different functionality

A sports bra can reduce the swing of the chest during exercise, thereby reducing discomfort and the risk of chest ligament strain. The ordinary bra is to provide external support for the chest, increase comfort and mobility.

3. Different design tendencies

Sports bras emphasize sports functions. There is no design in terms of breast shape, and it does not show the curvaceous beauty of women’s breasts. The ordinary bra is designed to show the beauty of women’s curves, and it is even better in appearance and decoration.

4. Different styles

Sports bras can be designed to be worn outside, while ordinary bras cannot be worn outside and are usually worn inside clothing. In addition, there are still some differences between bras and sports bras, and the design of the bottom and shoulder straps is also different.

The starting point for the design of sports bras is to meet the needs of women’s exercise, to reduce the shaking of the chest as much as possible during exercise, and to reduce the impact of strenuous exercise on the breast. At the same time, it can absorb sweat at any time to keep the body surface dry and get a comfortable exercise process.

Different from sports vests and daily bras, the structure of sports bras combines ergonomics and fabric characteristics, and the design focuses on functionality. Sports bras are mostly U-necked and V-necked on the front. As the core design structure, the back style is mainly a wide shoulder strap cross structure and a composite racer back structure. However, in order to attract more women, the styles of sports bras are becoming more and more diverse and beautiful.

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