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What is sport wear

About China sport wear:

What is sport wear?


Many people pay more attention to sport wear in real life. When we want to know about sport wear, what we might want to know more is what is sport wear? What kind of functions are required. In fact, the whole clothing fabrics basically account for more than 50% of the value of clothing. Fabrics play such an important role in clothing. Therefore, when we choose these sport wear, we will pay more attention to the function of sport wear.


What is sport wear

1. The elastic function of sport wear


When we choose sport wear, we must consider the elastic function of the entire sport wear. Generally speaking, the elongation of this kind of clothes or the recovery rate of stretch elasticity are more important, which will also determine one invisibly. Kind of elasticity of the fabric. From the perspective of the cost of sport wear, there are many different ingredients in the table where the content of some materials must be greater than 15%. Only this kind of sport wear can meet the needs of sports. Regarding the recovery rate of elasticity, we must look at the quality of some materials.


2.1. Moisture absorption and quick-drying function of sport wear


Sport wear’s moisture-absorbing and quick-drying function is also very important. Generally speaking, they can bring a better experience in a short time. In addition, in the actual selection process, cheaper products can bring better annotations. This kind of product will have a certain effect when choosing clothes, and it will basically fail after washing several times. However, in order to be able to get better protection for the function of moisture absorption and quick drying, it is necessary to choose a garment with relatively good materials or a relatively strong sense of functional experience.


What is sport wear? In addition to the above functions, sport wear can also meet the needs of a large number of sports. After all, yoga is a stretching exercise.

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