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What is casual sport wear

About China sport wear:

What is casual sport wear?


Many female friends may not know much about what casual sport wear is in the recent period. They may basically find various situations about sport wear on the Internet, so they will also consider it in this case. Some actual experience of sport wear, what is casual sport wear, and what does sport wear do? It’s just that everyone wants to know about it.


What is casual sport wear

1. The national standard of leisure sport wear


Casual sport wear still has relevant standards in the process of processing, because sport wear itself has the industry standard of clothing. Judging from some of the cases introduced, basically the sport wear fabric here is knitted as the main fabric, and yoga itself is a very high body twist movement. Therefore, the growth and shrinkage of real variables will be better for stretching, and the elastic elongation or elastic recovery rate can be regarded as more professional in the test ranks.


2. The function of casual sport wear


The function of casual sport wear is quite powerful. It has the function of quick drying. Because yoga itself is a sport that sweats a lot, so when we use this kind of sport wear, we must have the function of fast drying. This way Only then can people have an inexplicable sense of comfort during exercise. In addition, when we choose sport wear, this kind of sport wear itself will have a kind of elasticity, because everyone’s body is different, and sport wear can better highlight the person’s body shape.


What is casual sport wear? When we choose these clothes, we should take a look at our own situation. Good clothes can bring better results and can also meet the needs of sports in many ways.

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