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What are the characteristics of sport wear

About China sport wear:

What are the characteristics of sport wear


As far as consumers are concerned, the functions of casual clothes and sport wear are different from those of professional sportsmen. They focus on easy maintenance, waterproof and windproof comfort. In order to improve consumers’ purchasing behavior, manufacturers of peripheral equipment have also joined the sales. 

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In order to provide increasing functional requirements in the fields of health care and UV protection fabrics, weavers and chemical auxiliaries are constantly developing new fibers and finishing products. The development of polyester and nylon microfibers is the fastest, and the high-density and waterproof fabrics are most widely used in casual clothes.


As long as it is placed in the right position, each product has its own characteristics and can fully function. The manufacturer of sport wear must measure the whole system from a macro perspective. From the yarn to the retailer, every level must cooperate with each other to master The four elements of the basic functions of sport wear can maximize their benefits.


1. Protection function: windproof and waterproof.


2. Insulation function: keep warm.


3. Moisture and breathability: to ensure that the heat emitted by the human body can be discharged to the body through the fabric.


4. Elastic function: provide the needs of athletes for running and jumping.

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