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Yoga strap

Item No:YEH0002-1




Size: 180*3.8cm


Material: Braid


Packing: OPP

Yoga strap


Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China  Brand Name:Union Deal
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Category:Fitness AccessoriesMaterial: Braid
DesignOEM.ODM DesignsSize: 180*3.8cm
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Violet Yoga strap | Customized Yoga strap | Fitness Accessories Yoga strapViolet Yoga strap | Customized Yoga strap | Fitness Accessories Yoga strap

About Violet Yoga strap


Yoga strap has good resilience, and the movements in yoga training can be coordinated with ease, which can achieve better plasticity. Suitable for teenagers and women with low strength, can effectively stretch and exercise the whole body muscles, stabilize the posture and control the stretching distance, effectively improve the physical activity ability, and shape the perfect body curve. It is the best aid for practicing yoga and Pilates. It can increase The fun of exercise, changes the single exercise method.


Benefits of using a Yoga strap:


1. It can help to stretch the whole body safely and effectively, help prevent injuries and promote muscle recovery.


2. Stretching with a Yoga strap can keep your muscles active, soft, and healthy. Regular stretching can prevent most injuries, such as muscle strains, torn ligaments, and even trips and falls, pulls back and slips. Regular stretching can keep your body young, flexible and healthy from adolescence.


3. Yoga strap has stretchability and provides extra stability during the posture. It is very effective in physical therapy for athletes and dancers. Yoga strap improves flexibility and increases the range of motion, while achieving better performance, it also reduces the risk of injury.


4. Very suitable for use in home, office, gym, and outdoor exercise.


5. This Yoga strap is comfortable and soft to the touch, but very strong and will not tear easily. When the practitioner pulls from all directions at the same time, it can withstand extremely high force and tension. This Yoga Strap is specially designed to ensure an excellent grip and ensure that you will not slip during intense stretching.


6. In the process of stretching with a Yoga strap, your body endures strenuous exercise, increases the range of motion, strengthens muscle recovery, reduces the risk of injury, and makes you more and more flexible.


Customized Yoga strap


UNION DEAL is a professional Yoga strap supplier, Yoga towel manufacturers. We are committed to treating customers with integrity and quality, thus winning a group of loyal customers.


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