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hu la hoop

Item No.: SMH0239


Product Category: Fitness Accessories


Color: yellow,green,purplerose red


Size: 70cm


Material: Plastic


Packing: OPP

hu la hoop


Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China  Brand Name:Union Deal
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Color:Customized ColorsUsage:Yoga Exercises
DesignOEM.ODM DesignsSize: 46*10CM
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China Fitness Accessories


About China Fitness Accessories


Points to note when using China Fitness Accessories:


1. How long does it take to exercise with China Fitness Accessories to achieve the fitness effect?


Shaking the hula hoop is a kind of whole body exercise, which can achieve the effect of exercise to lose weight, but the exercise time should be long enough. Because the exercise intensity of hula hoop shaking is not very strong, only by prolonging the exercise time and continuing exercise to reach the stage of aerobic exercise, can the body’s stored fat and excessive calories be consumed. How long does it take to shake to achieve the fitness effect? May wish to refer to the “Three Three Three” exercise promoted by the State Sports General Administration, 3 times a week, each time at least 30 minutes, 130 heartbeats. Because shaking the hula hoop is not strong enough, if you want to increase your heart rate, you must shake it faster.


2. The heavier the hula hoop in China Fitness Accessories, the better the effect?


In fact, the heavier the better. Perhaps the heavier hula hoop takes a lot of effort to shake at first, but then it becomes a kind of inertial motion. The key is that the exercise time must be long enough, otherwise the short-lived strenuous exercise can only be nothingness. Aerobic exercise will only exchange muscle soreness and will not consume excess calories. In addition, the hula hoop will hit the organs (such as the kidneys) in the abdomen and back when it shakes. A hula hoop that is too heavy has a greater impact and may cause the risk of damaging the internal organs, so it is best to choose a moderate weight.


3. People with lumbar muscle strain or calcium deficiency are not suitable for the hula hoop in China Fitness Accessories.


Because shaking the hula hoop mainly depends on the waist, fully exercise the psoas, abdominal muscles, and lateral psoas muscles. Consistent exercise can achieve the effect of tightening the waist and abdomen. Influence. But it needs to be reminded that patients with lumbar muscle strain, spinal injury, osteoporosis and the elderly are not suitable for this exercise. In addition, before shaking the hula hoop, you should do some stretching exercises to stretch the ligaments to avoid sprains.


What is more interesting to everyone is that hula hoop is a fitness project that can change a lot of gameplay. Many kindergartens use hula hoops for group aerobic exercise. In many cases, hula hoops can also be used for large-scale group gymnastics performances. In one of the projects, when the performer holds the hula hoop in various positions, various patterns will be changed immediately on the venue-an ordinary circle can produce so many changes in people’s hands, it cannot be said to be the uniqueness of the hula hoop The charm of this sport.


China Fitness Accessories


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