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hu la hoop

Item No.: SMH0241


Product Category: Fitness Accessories


Color: yellow,green,purplerose red


Size: 60cm


Material: Plastic


Packing: OPP

hu la hoop


Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China  Brand Name:Union Deal
Sample time3-5 Working Days  Keywords:Yoga ball
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Color:Customized Colors
Usage:Yoga Exercises
DesignOEM.ODM DesignsSize: 46*10CM
Packing: FilmSample: Support Custom Sample


Custom Fitness Accessories


About Custom Fitness Accessories


Incorrect Custom Fitness Accessories: Hula hoop exercise can easily hurt your body.


With the reappearance of Custom Fitness Accessories: hula hoop fever, experts reminded that when performing hula hoop exercise, the body must be fully prepared and master the correct movement skills.


According to related reports, someone once performed Custom Fitness Accessories during morning exercises: After half an hour of hula hoop exercise, they suddenly experienced pain in the left abdomen, accompanied by cold sweats, vomiting and other symptoms. After the exercise stopped, the symptoms did not alleviate but gradually aggravated. Later, the hospital diagnosed that the rotating hula hoop caused bleeding in the spleen, which was cured by surgery. There are also people playing Custom Fitness Accessories: The left hip joint was painful due to careless exercise during the hula hoop. After a hospital examination, the left hip joint was fractured. In response to this situation, experts pointed out that the masses should consult experts for exercise methods and skills before engaging in activities such as hula hoops. Should follow the principle of exercise volume, range of motion from small to large, and whole body motion from part to whole. Before doing more strenuous exercise, you must be fully prepared to allow your body to have a certain ability to adapt. Experts emphasize that Custom Fitness Accessories: Irregular or even deformed shaking and twisting movements in the hula hoop movement not only fail to achieve the exercise effect, but may also cause physical damage due to excessive compression of internal organs and bones.


Custom Fitness Accessories


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