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Custom Black Sport Backpack

Item No:BG34775




Size: 30*15*45cm


Packing: PE bag

Custom Black Sport Backpack


Place of Origin:Yiwu Zhejiang China  Brand Name:Union Deal
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MOQ: 300Logo: Customized Logo Printing
Color:Customized ColorsUsage:Outdoor Sport
DesignOEM.ODM DesignsSize: 30*15*45cm
Packing: PE bagSample: Support Custom Sample


Custom Black Sport Backpack | Sport Backpack supplier | Sport Backpack

About Custom Black Sport Backpack


The pay-for-you experience also applies to the choice of Sports Backpack, especially when it comes to the lightweight of the gear and the functionality of the materials. Deciding on the right Sport Backpack must vary from person to person and from project to project.


Considerations when buying a Sport Backpack:


1. Choose Sport Backpack according to the number of people: When going out on your own, you can choose a Sport Backpack of around 25 to 35 liters. Taking family and children out on vacation, from the perspective of taking care of the family, you need to decide on a Sport Backpack of about 40 liters. There are more external systems to help family members carry umbrellas, cameras, food, and other items.


2. Choose Sport Backpack by gender: Because men and women have different body shapes and different load-bearing capacities, the choices of outdoor Sports Backpacks are also different. For a day or two of short outings, a Sport Backpack for men and women of around 30 liters will suffice. For long-distance travel or camping of more than 2 to 3 days, when deciding on a Sport Backpack of 45 to 70 liters or larger, men generally decide on the Sports Backpack of about 55 liters, and women decide on the 45 liter Sport Backpack.


3. Choose Sport Backpack according to your itinerary: For day trips, cycling, and mountaineering activities, choose a Sport Backpack under 30 liters. For two to three days of camping, you can decide on the versatile Sport Backpack of 30-40 liters. Hiking for more than four days requires outdoor equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, and moisture-proof mats. There is an option for a Sport Backpack from 45 liters upwards. In addition, general outdoor activities are also different from the Sports Backpack used when climbing. A backpack for mountaineering with a few parts. Friends who like climbing should pay attention.


4. Decide a Sport Backpack according to your body length: Before deciding a backpack, you first need to measure the length of the upper body on the back, that is, the distance from the protrusion of the cervical vertebra to the last lumbar vertebra. If the torso length is less than 45 cm, you should buy a small bag. If your torso length is between 45-52 cm, you should decide on a medium bag. If your torso is longer than 52 cm, you should decide on a large bag.


Sport Backpack supplier


UNION DEAL is a professional Fitness Bag supplier, Sport Waist Bag manufacturers. Innovation is the driving force for us to establish a competitive advantage and is the key to our leading position in the fierce international market competition. 


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