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List the types of sport wear

About China sport wear:

List the types of sport wear


Sport wear is a common top dress in life. Sport wear styles that are integrated into daily life tend to be casual styles, but sports strictly speaking are clothing dedicated to sports competitions. The sport wear standard is designed and produced for the specific requirements of sports. There are many styles of sport wear. Next, we will introduce the standards of different types of sports wear.

sport wear

1. Sport wear one: track suit


Athletes mainly use vests and shorts. Vests are generally required to be fit and shorts are easy to step on. In order not to affect the wide-span movement of the athletes’ legs, the two sides of the library tube are also slit or released to a certain degree of slack. Vests and shorts are mostly knitted fabrics, but also made of silk.


2. Sport wear two: ball wear


Usually shorts are matched with a toe top. The deputy of ball games requires a certain amount of slack. Basketball players generally wear vests, while other ball games often wear short-sleeved tops. Football sport wear customarily uses a V-neck, while volleyball, table tennis, rugby, badminton, tennis and other sports wear use collars, and add blue and red color stripes on the outside of the sleeve tube. Tennis clothes are mainly white, while women wear ultra-short dresses.


3. Sport wear 3: gym suit


Gymnastics suits must show the grace of the human body and other movements on the premise of ensuring that the athletes can perform their skills freely. Men generally wear all-over white trousers with a vest, a front fold wallpaper of the tube, and an elastic band at the mouth of the tube, and can also wear stockings. Women wear knitted tights or stockings. The role of this type of sport wear is that it has good flexibility and can better reflect the beauty of athletes in gymnastics.

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