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How to choose the fabric of sport wear

About China sport wear:

How to choose the fabric of sport wear?


Nowadays, sports are closely related to our healthy life, and sport wear is a must-have for our family life and outdoor. The fabric of sport wear has also begun to be valued by people.

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So what kind of fabric is good for sport wear? Many people think that pure cotton clothing is the best because it absorbs sweat well and is more comfortable to wear. However, due to the sweat-absorbing clothes such as pure cotton, the sweat emitted during exercise is more, and it is easy to remain on the clothes. Over time, the clothes will emit sweat and odor, making it impossible for people to wear them.


Since human beings have begun to pay attention to sports, but at the same time, clothing fabrics have affected the normal performance of athletes, so people have begun to explore, develop, and research new fabrics to minimize the influence until it can be ignored, and continue to expand and make progress, nylon fibers, artificial polyester The emergence of high-molecular polymers has sounded the horn of formal change in clothing fabrics.


All kinds of professional sports fabrics, functional fabrics and technical fabrics are born to meet the needs of modern people’s sports. Facts have proved that the use of chemical fibers to replace natural fibers in sport wear has gradually become the mainstream. At present, there are the following high-tech fibers in the category of sport wear:


(1) Polyamide nylon


It has far superior performance than early nylon, solves the shortcomings of poor air permeability and wear resistance, and can quickly absorb body sweat and volatilize it from its surface.


(2) Various functional fibers


This new type of fiber is lighter and softer than traditional chemical fibers.


(3) PTFE waterproof and temperature-permeable laminated fabricThis kind of fabric can breathe like human skin, export excess water vapor out of the body, and isolate the invasion of external rain and snow. The secret lies in as many as 7 billion micropores per square centimeter.

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